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This is a translation of the text from the exhibition "The Land of the RGB" by Zennyan. The exhibition is taking place at the adidas Originals Flagship Store Harajuku from September 17th to October 3rd. 

1:Land of Light

2:Far in the distant the land of the RGB, a wondrous landscape unfolds. Under the dazzling sun, a new adventure begins.

3:The whisper of the wind heralds the beginning of the story.

5:This world hides five stars.



A:You can see a man's figure in the mist.

B:The staircase leading to the cave.

C:In this small village, time flows slowly.

D:Secret treasure vault.

E:It's like a mirror-like lake.

F:In the distance, a castle towers.

G:Snow-covered mountains.

H:Mermaids live on this beach.

I:You can hear the sound of the wind from deep within the quiet forest.

J:From the top of this tower, you can enjoy a magnificent view.

In the thick fog, there was a man launching fireworks.Launch after launch, the fireworks were swallowed by the mist, and only the sound echoed emptily in the sky. The pyrotechnician said this: Even if it's not seen by anyone's eyes, I must continue with this job.

1:Only a faint light filters in from the entrance.

2:As you go deeper in, that light fades even more.

3:Amidst the silence, only footsteps echo.

4:The air was cold and damp.

5:The cave had become like a maze. There seemed to be mysteries hidden here.








1:Villager A: It seems that there are clues hidden in the cave to find the stars.

2:Villager B: I can go back to that mountain in the spring. I'm really looking forward to it.

3:Villager C: Check out my bucket collection. I've already got three of them.

1:If you have the key to the treasure vault, you can enter this room.

2:It seems there are no stars here.

3:Choose your action:

1.Ponder the contents of this box.

2. Depart from this place.

4:When you inspect the treasure chest, you find inside it something you had discarded in the past.It's something you once held dear, but it's no longer necessary for your current self.

1:Under the moonlight, a man is doing something.

2:The man was scooping up the moon reflected on the water's surface with a bucket. He said he was numbering and selling replicas of the moon. In this country, many people desire this bucket. Will you also buy a replica of the moon?

3:Buy            →    E-1
  Do not Buy   →   E-2

1:That castle was a mirage.

2:You met a lonely king in the desert. The king claimed to be the owner of that castle. He said he was walking endlessly through this desert, aiming for the castle. You walked with the king for a little while. Along the way, you heard many stories about memories from that castle. After walking for a while, you bid farewell to the king. In the desert, there were footprints from your walk with the king, but they slowly disappeared as the wind blew.

1:You encountered a snow dog at the mountain's summit.

2:Would you take this collar? It was given to me by the girl who created me. I must vanish when spring comes. If this collar were found here, she would surely be saddened. That's why I want to make it seem like I've left this place.

3:You obtained the collar. Attached to the collar was a star. You acquired the star.

4:The dog is gazing at a distant village.

1:When our eyes met, the mermaid fled into the sea.

2:The mermaid closely resembled your first love. While reminiscing about that person, you found a key on the beach.

3:You obtained the key to the treasure vault.

1:You found a monument in the middle of the forest.

2:Read the monument.

3:This is your favorite flower.

4:"To obtain a star, close your thumb and index finger and kiss with your right and left."

1:There is someone looking through a telescope on top of the tower.

2:a telescope 

3:I have a favor to ask of you.

4:Could you look up at the sky from where you are? It's not very clear from here.

5:I know something is there, but it seems impossible for me.

​​※ Onomatopoeia for the sound of fireworks

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